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Carrier Development

Power Only

Do you want to eliminate the hassle of renting trailers? Holland TMS is looking for quality carriers to pull our trailers for key customers in the Charlotte, NC and Statesville, NC areas. We pay excellent rates!

24/7 Dispatch

Are you frustrated with Brokers who seem to disappear after hours? We know that in trucking, there’s no such thing as “off hours.” Holland TMS is at work for you around the clock- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The standard payment term for Carriers is Net 30 days. Once you are an established carrier, you may qualify for the following program:

  • Advances – Once you are approved for this program, Holland TMS will pay you an advance up to 40% of the total negotiated rate via EFS electronic check for a small fee.

Trailer Rentals

For a nominal fee, Holland TMS can offer trailers for certain lanes. You must be approved for this program and you must sign an Interline Agreement.



Holland TMS needs carriers who deliver on-time. If delays come up (and we know they do), our carriers communicate, communicate, and communicate some more.

Accountability and Reliability

Holland TMS needs carriers who keep their word and take responsibility for their actions.


Holland TMS expects its Carriers to operate legally, following all Federal, State, FHWA, and local laws. Equipment should be clean and properly maintained.


Holland TMS needs carriers whom we can contact 24/7 and who communicate their status throughout the shipment. Our communication with our customers depends on stable and consistent communication with our carriers.

To become a qualified carrier, contact Holland TMS at 704-872-4269, or via email at

Carrier Setup

Our carriers are the backbone of our company. Contact us at 704-872-4269 to learn more about the process of becoming a carrier with Holland TMS

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