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Companies shipping truckloads over 750 miles (and in certain lanes over 500 miles), now have a great alternative to trucking their freight. Intermodal, or rail-plus-truck service, can make your supply chain more efficient. Intermodal transportaion offers more equipment options, greener miles, and often a lower priced alternative to truck shipping.

Intermodal transportation now gives you the most effective combination of rates, service, trailer size, and mode - all configured to meet your exact requirements.

Holland TMS offers dependable Intermodal shipping, and our powerful relationships with all the Class 1 railroads ensure that you'll obtain the equipment you need, when you need it. Our experience allows us to reduce or eliminate unplanned costs for better control. We're using door-to-door intermodal on 53', 45' and 40' equipment to maximize shipping lane capacity, minimize costs and guarantee reliable delivery of our customers' products.

How Intermodal Transport Benefits You:

  • Obtain exceptional "White Glove" customer service
  • Minimizes budget fluctuations by providing competitive and consistent pricing
  • Reduces freight costs, with some lanes having significant saving
  • Provides committed capacity and modal alternatives, scaled to fit your needs for comprehensive, coast-to-coast coverage of your supply chain (including Canada and Mexico)
  • An alternative for additional capacity; the flexibility covers your short-term capacity needs and volume surges through a single point of contact, and shipments easily convert between truck and rail
  • While decreasing highway congestion
  • Enhances security
  • Transit times are truck competitive in many lanes
  • Increases visibility

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